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They had reconciled all parties in one common interest; they had laid asleep, if not wholly extinguished, all the domestic jars and animosities of the nation. This declaration, in itself an indirect proof of guilt, occasioned some commotion in the House. Every person interested in the success of the project endeavoured to draw a knot of listeners around him, to whom he expatiated on the treasures of the South American seas. Like that, it was ushered in and received with great pomp and acclamations of joy, but bore within it treachery and destruction. He looked upon the contrivers and executors of the villanous South-Sea scheme as the parricides of their country, and should be satisfied to see them tied in like manner in sacks, and thrown into the Thames. Already the directors had tasted the profits of their scheme, and it was not likely that they should quietly allow the stock to find its natural level, without an effort to raise it. The Sword-blade Company, who had hitherto been the chief cashiers of the South-Sea company, stopped payment. The Mississippi scheme of John Law, which so dazzled and captivated the French people, inspired them with an idea that they could carry on the same game in England. There were nearly a hundred different projects, each more extravagant and deceptive than the other. For improving and increasing the silk manufactures. For making glass bottles and other glass. Statesmen and patriots plied alike the stocks, Peeress and butler shared alike the box; And judges jobbed, and bishops bit the town, And mighty dukes packed cards for half-a-crown:

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    Towards evening confidence was restored, and the stock advanced to seven hundred and fifty.


    The ink was hardly dry upon these addresses before they were carried to the king by Mr.


    Stanhope was a gainer of the ,l. During the whole of the month of August the stock fell, and on the 2nd of September it was quoted at seven hundred only.


    Upon the 22nd of January, , the House of Commons resolved itself into a committee of the whole house, to take into consideration that part of the king's speech at the opening of the session which related to the public debts, and the proposal of the South-Sea Company towards the redemption and sinking of the same.


    By several gentlemen lately come to town, I perceive the very name of a South-Sea-man grows abominable in every country.