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Video about how to tell sex of aquarium fish:

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How to tell sex of aquarium fish. Fish from Crete at Aquaworld.

How to tell sex of aquarium fish

We have tried to list as much additional information too so you can impress your friends and family when they ask about the special fish in your aquarium! Seek good advice Look around for a knowledgeable retailer and for a goldfish club, if you can. Although killifish is sometimes used as an English equivalent to Cyprinodontidae, some species belonging to that family have their own common names, such as the pupfish and the mummichog. These Killifish tropical fish profiles cover the most common Killifish you are likely to come across and show the different variants available. The unsuspecting bather is then at risk of a bad sting by lowering a bare foot on the spines of its first dorsal fin. We have added an aquarium fish profile database to our website. Like all rift valley cichlids, the Tanganyika cichlids generally like to be homed in a rocky environment however, unlike Lake Malawi cichlids, there are many different shapes and sizes of Lake Tanganyika Cichlid. Fortunately, they soon become quite tame in an aquarium situation and rarely threaten to bite. It is perfectly adapted for this and waits for long periods until something interesting chooses to swim past. Fish profiles of African non-rift cichlids are covered here to ensure you can make the right choice of fish to keep and ensure they have the best environment to live in the home aquarium.

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    Gourami is already plural in its original language.


    These tropical fish profiles for the Rasbora group of fish go in to detail about the prime conditions in which to keep these fish in the home aquarium. It is quite common to keep the Aulonocara cichlid together with Haps as these both have the same diet and tend to swim more in open water although rock work is still essential in the aquarium.


    Pleco The largest species of catfish are the Plecostomus or as they are more commonly known — Pleco.


    With a very thin profile when viewed head on, the razorfish has the most delicate pink and blue markings and little, sharp, protruding teeth. Common Stingray Dasyatis pastinaca The common stingray can reach a diameter of about 2.


    Moray Eel Muraena helena The local moray eel does not reach the same proportions as other species in the family.


    With many different shapes and sizes as well as habitats they can often be one of the most interesting of tropical fish to keep. Local legend has it that, in order to catch an octopus for your dinner, you follow the eyes of the painted comber to find one.


    For example, in a 60 x 30 cm 24 x 12 inch tank you can keep a total of 30 cm 12 inches of combined fish body length, such as three 10 cm-long fishes three fish each 4 inches long , or two 15 cm-long fishes two fish each 6 inches long.


    Damselfish Chromis chromis The damselfish is often seen in large schools in shallow water around Crete. There are three ways of removing nitrate: